The long version:

Once upon a time I worked as a public relations contact for an arts organization in Rosendale NY. This was before the digital revolution (ahem) and we relied on black and white prints to advertise our events and achievements. This meant shooting, developing, printing and mailing materials to various news media. Since there was no actual PR position before I came along, these tasks fell on the shoulders of the artistic director, who’s plate was already overflowing, thus finding current photos to send to the media could be challenging. Once I expressed an interest in focusing on pr it became clear that I would have to supply the photos. The facilities had a full darkroom set up, so with help from the staff I learned to shoot, develop and print images.

As it turned out, I was never very good at capturing the necessary images, being somewhat shy combined with a brain that collapsed creatively when too much technology gets involved. I did, however, enjoy messing around with my camera leaving much up to chance at first, and then getting better about making choices that might yield an image that spoke to me.

The short version:

I have always been interested in movement in all aspects, and using the camera to capture the visual results of movement was fascinating. I visited many county fairs, festivals, and boardwalks and shot the rides, the lights, the neon signs. Shooting at night from a moving car, moving my camera while shooting christmas lights, firework displays, as well as using the timer with a long exposure to create the trails of movement myself kept me busy for some time.

As for the poetry, the joy of capturing the essence of an experience, of eluding to rather than spelling out, of painting a picture by choosing exactly the right word was equally satisfying. Then I got out of the way and the poems and images found each other.

This series was created somewhere between 2002 and 2006.